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My apologies for being very inactive lately, I've been doing a lot of personal stuff. Personal stuff such as going so far as to ask out my crush. I am NOT very social, I am quite awkward, I have Social Anxiety, I'm unlucky, pessimistic, and the icing to the cake I'm incredibly insecure. All of these obstacles did not help me do what I did today, but what made me Ask out my crush is my devotion or desire. (When I mean desire I don't mean in a creepy way. I mean in a way that I'm determined to talk to her or go to the extreme of asking her out.)

I've asked for advice from multiple people, my older brothers, my sisters, my cousin who my brothers recommended, and My friends (mainly male and who have girlfriends). They have all given me different tips, but they all had relatively the same gist.

-Be yourself (it's a no brainer )

-Stick to your opinions (Ex: I have a a lot of Disney jackets, and people think it's childish and I take pride in what I wear, don't be a jerk about it but but when someone talking crap about what you like, don't stand for it)

-Be confident

All these tips in mind I began talking to her, At first I would stutter, speak quickly, and fidget a bit. Heck! I sat RIGHT next to her and said NOTHING the ENTIRE class!  I was a nervous wreck and I still am! But after a while I began to calm myself, and  think before I say something. It really Helped me since I like to plan my thoughts before I do something. Eventually, I got to the point in which I feared the most... ASKING HER OUT! And I've been teased and called many names from my friends all because I would chicken out from asking her out. But today? I had enough! I mustered up the courage and I ASKED HER OUT! She said "No Sorry" and that was that...

I was hurt, but I kept it professional and I told her "It's okay, I wanted to get that out of my chest" I waved bye to her and that was that. Told all my friends as well as my siblings about her rejecting me. They told me "it's alright, and I'll have to move on."  Even though I knew she was going to reject me DON'T let the thought of rejection scare you away! Take the REJECTION! Is the rejection going sting? YES it will! I'm still a little hurt now!  

I would like to think of Rejection as a bee sting. The stinger is in you, but you must muster the strength to pull that stinger out of you, and let the venom soak in. In other words getting rejected  is going to hurt, and who knows how long, but eventually you'll get over it and move along! I'm no LOVE DOCTOR but TRUST ME!  Getting rejected beats saying nothing at all!  Wouldn't it be more painful to wish or to think that you had a shot with your crush only if you said something? And  just because you said nothing you wish you did?
 That's why it's better to take a shot, and move on.

Despite how bad Rejection my seem there are a few positives! First, you move on! You learn from this experience so it it can help you with future experiences! My brother told me that I was a bigger man than he is! He specifically said "He who gets the most No's gets the most Yes's" in other words, keeps trying! The more you try the better chance you have
Getting a yes!

Secondly, My cousin told me "What guides attraction is deeply rooted to our past and subconscious". So this means that asking your crush out and getting rejected puts you "on the radar". Which means just because your crush rejected you now doesn't mean they won't start to like you later!  DO NOT be dependent on this! It is NOT guaranteed! Just keep it in mind!

That's all the "wisdom" I have for today, Good luck for anyone who wishes to ask our his or her crush! Remember! REJECTION>REGRET Giygas out!




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NuriMuniBuni Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Professional General Artist
Thank you for the fav!
ShadowDemonSlade Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2017  New Deviant
Why do you think Mei is so good at parties?
Because she knows how to break the ice
20XXGiygas Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2017
Did you just MEIke a pun? I DONT APPRECIATE that!

I shall not have MERCY on your soul! Instead I shall DEFLECT a pun with a pun!

Why is it difficult to date Roadhog?

Well for starters, he's a total ANIMAL, and he's always playing HOOKY
ShadowDemonSlade Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2017  New Deviant
Don't think you got yet cause I still got remeining puns to give out

Why is Zenyatta the bravest character? Cause he got more balls than anyone
20XXGiygas Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2017
Don't MEIke me do this... you're MEIking a big MEIstake here!

Why does hanzo use a bow?

Cause that's how he gets his POINTS ACROSS
*makes his ult sound*
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TwilightNightStar Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2017  Student General Artist
Thanks for the fave!
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Question, what are your favorite colors?
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Blue, Pink, and Black, what are yours :3
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